Process essay

I need help with an essay

You will write a primarily Process essay based on the topic of your choice You will use the MLA style format and the Word 2016 template.

You will submit your essay here as a Word document (regular Word, no Google doc, or Notepad, or similar).

Remember: these are general topics. Your title should derive from the topic you choose.

  1. A favorite recipe
  2. A daily routine
  3. Learning to drive / Getting a driver’s license.
  4. How to properly warm up and stretch before working out.
  5. How to rent an apartment
  6. Steps to US citizenship


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Physical activity is essential since it enhances an individual’s wellbeing and functionality. Workouts, which involve intense physical exercises, require an individual to warm-up before engaging to avoid prevalent problems such as incurring a side stitch, sustaining muscle cramps, or injuries (Alanazi, 157). There are diverse pre-workouts that an individual could perform; hence, identifying a person-centered routine enhances fitness performance.