Process of Advanced Practice Nurse

Based on your textbook reading, discuss the process of Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) business planning from a system approach.

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There are four APNs: nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and certified registered nurse anaesthetists. APNs interested in starting a private practice in the United States must evaluate the state they wish to practice in and the specific regulations in place. States that grant full practicing power to their APNs allow them to entirely assume responsibility and liability for the patient’s evaluation and management (Heinen et al., 2019). Twenty-two states have given APRNs the authority to practice independently without the supervision or assistance of a physician. In states where independent practice is prohibited, APNs must work under the supervision of a physician. Using the business plan, the APN establishes a focus, purpose, and future strategy once a company plan is in place. It also permits them to get the necessary finance for establishing a private practice.

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Process of Advanced Practice Nurse