Process of Advanced Practice Nurse

Based on your textbook reading, discuss the process of Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) business planning from a system approach.

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Proposing how the services will be delivered to patients is the third step in developing a business plan. The APN should outline the number of staff and the equipment required to run a facility smoothly. Other requirements to be considered in this category include developing marketing and a management plan. After ensuring that all the mentioned steps have been followed, the APN now implements the plan. This is executing the plan or turning the plan into action. After ensuring that all the facility requirements have been considered, the plan is now executed by making the visions a reality. Finally, the business process is wound up by evaluating the plan (Johnson & Garvin, 2017). This is done by examining if the business plan will be practical and helpful. It is essential for an APN to set up a business plan since it outlines the future and how to achieve it.

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Process of Advanced Practice Nurse