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Professional mentorship

topic 3000 dq 222

Professional mentorship has been identified as an important component of professional engagement, professional growth, and advancement. Consider your own professional journey. Has a mentor shaped your professional advancement? Share a mentor experience from your personal or professional life. What benefits did the experience offer you? How might you mentor other providers seeking to advance in your discipline?

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Professional mentorship is a crucial aspect in the field of nursing since it enhances professional growth and development. According to Nowell (2019), improvement in career advancement, academic success, and increased productivity of evidence-based scholarly work are positive outcomes of mentorship in nursing.  In my professional journey as a nurse practitioner, mentorship has shaped my career advancement. This occurred during the supervision period, where the head physician was my mentor. My mentor and I developed a mutual relationship, which facilitated positive outcomes of the mentorship program. During the program, my mentor provided constructive feedback and guidance on how to conduct physical examinations, interpret different diagnostic tests, and assess a patient to determine the right prescriptions. This enhanced the professional learning process of different clinical aspects and improved outcomes such as competency, knowledge, and professional skills while handling different patients.(338 words)

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