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Hi, I attached part of the paper we have been working on. I need your help proofreading & cleaning up 2 beginning section, I highlighted in yellow what I need help with. + 2 paragraphs to finish off the last 2 sections (see highlighted in yellow)


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Disputes between team owners and players on wages and salaries have been common leading to critical disruption of operations. The National Hockey League lockout of 2004-05 is a good example of the implications of these conflicts. This was a labor dispute that caused the whole season’s cancellation. It was also the first pro sports league to miss an entire season because of a labor dispute (Staudohar, 2005). The dispute was triggered by the proposal of the league to add a salary cap. Because of the salary cap, players would receive 70% less (Staudohar, 2005). The request was, however, opposed by the National Hockey League Players Association (NHPLA). The NHPLA proposed the revenue sharing system. The aftermath of the conflict was not good for either party, but the epic lockout increased the team owners’ power to push players to accede to demands (Staudohar, 2005). The solution to this form of a conflict between the players and the team owners is to achieve a cooperative model in negotiation to achieve a common objective. The National Hockey League lockout of 2004-05 could have been avoided since the players and the team owners could have worked together to a common ground, ensuring none of the parties would lose. (1223words)