Protocol Politics

Book Report: Protocol Politics


Denardis, Laura, Protocol PoliticsThe Globalization of Internet Governance (Information Revolution and Global Politics. MIT Press.

Submit a 9- to 10-page, double-spaced paper that includes the following points:

  • Complete citation of the book in APA style.
  • Description of Author(S) qualifications
  • Summary and critical reflection on key points of the book.
  • Explicit references to concepts and examples in the assigned readings covered so far in the course.
  • Previous reviews of the book.

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As human civilization progressed, technology increasingly became part and parcel of their lives, and it now dominates most spheres of human existence. Scientific research has been at the center of generating information that can be put into practical use through inventions, and one such innovation has been the internet. The internet is an expansive network that interlinks computers all over the globe. The interface makes it possible for people to access a wide array of information from their gadgets without necessarily having the data sought stored in their computers. Owing to its extensive alteration of processes in society, the internet has been the subject of numerous investigative endeavors aimed at analyzing the scope of its impact as well as the new challenges that it brings forth (DeNardis, 2009). The quest for gaining a more in-depth understanding of the phenomenon that the internet embodies has culminated in the publication of numerous articles and books. One such book is Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance (Information Revolution and Global Politics), whose author is Laura DeNardis. This paper delves into the contents of the book and discusses its theorizations in a bid to prove that the internet has created a necessity of balancing the provision of information and political interests in the global stage.(3145words)