Qualitative Research Studies

Qualitative Research Studies: Part 2

Topic: The effects of Covid-19 on businesses (See the first discussion attached)

Prior to beginning this assignment, you must complete the Qualitative Research Studies: Part 1 (Peer Feedback) discussion forum and receive feedback from your instructor and classmates. Read the articles by Polkinghorne (2005), Language and Meaning: Data Collection in Qualitative Research, Ryan, Coughlin, and Cronin (2007), Step-by-step Guide to Critiquing Research. Part 2: Qualitative Research, and Shenton (2004), Strategies for Ensuring Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research Projects. Refer to the Writing Center resource Writing an Article Critique (Links to an external site.), to help you analyze and review each article.

This paper is the second part of a two-part integration. Review the discussion threads you, your classmates, and your instructor posted in the Qualitative Research Studies: Part 1 (Peer Feedback) discussion forum. Make note of constructive suggestions, integrate feedback and ideas into your analysis of the articles, and/or identify new qualitative research articles if instructed to do so by your instructor. Incorporate this information into your paper.

Navigate to this week’s discussion forum to review your feedback if necessary.

In your Qualitative Research Studies: Part 2 paper,

  • Create complete APA reference entries for three articles that report on qualitative research studies that address your research topic or research focus. Consider accessing the Writing Center’s Formatting Your References List (Links to an external site.) for more on completing a complete reference entry.
  • Critique each research study, identifying the research question or questions, the qualitative research methodology used in the study, the sample for each study, and evidence of any lack of consistency or bias in the way the study was conducted.
    • Analyze how the studies are similar in the way each study addressed the research topic and how they are dissimilar, noting which study was more compelling to you and why.
  • Evaluate the general concept of trustworthiness in qualitative research studies, as defined by Shenton (2004) and Polkinghorne (2005).
  • Review the strengths of each research study that align with Shenton’s criteria for trustworthiness (credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability).
  • Explain any unresolved questions about your topic of interest that were raised by the studies, and how further research on this topic would augment the findings of the studies you reviewed.

The Qualitative Research Studies: Part 2 paper

  • Must be at least 1,200 words in length (not including title, abstract, and reference pages), and formatted according to the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.).
  • Must reference at least two scholarly sources (see Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.)), in addition to any required readings cited.
  • Must iinclude the three articles analyzed in the reference list.
  • Must include title, abstract, and reference pages.
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The covid-19 pandemic has affected business practices globally with notable impacts like reduced sales, cancellation of booking, and business shutdown. Generally, businesses in different sectors, such as the hotel industry, tourism, food, and beverage, have been affected. The restrictive policies, such as social isolation, lockdown, and curfew, to curb the virus have adverse effects. However, the influenced changes in the environment have promoted positive impacts in certain businesses. For instance, due to the members’ solidarity and enhanced perseverance, this has strengthened family firms. A critique of the selected articles addressing the impact of Covid-19 on businesses will inform how the researchers have enhanced trustworthiness.