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Quantitative versus qualitative research

AHS 8300 week 6 discussion

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Week 6 Discussion


Post a thread outlining the benefits of quantitative versus qualitative research and explain which you have chosen to be a part of your research proposal and why. Include in your explanation any challenges you think you may face and the benefit one method may have over the other.

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Week 6 Readings and Resources


  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Please read the following:

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Quantitative research provides numerical data, while qualitative research provides non-numerical data. Each of the research methods has unique benefits in human service research. A quantitative technique is appropriate for the collection of facts on the relationship between different variables. The use of descriptive or inferential statistics for analysis of the data provides a key strength in understanding a population.  Quantitative research collects data from a large sample, hence providing the statistical power to define the results (Madrigal, & McClain, 2012, September 3).(487words)