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reflection task

reflection task

The aim of this individual reflection is to demonstrate how your marketing knowledge personally progressed across the semester in ways that helped you better appreciate and understand marketing.

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The term marketing has garnered a lot of traction in public discourse in the recent past, so much that I was excited when I started this course at the beginning of the semester. The art of selling is fascinating because of the varying degrees of success that different players have in this field. Marketing attracts variable definitions from business persons and laypeople alike. At the semester’s beginning, I perceived marketing as a field of practice that requires elaborate communication with others that resonates with them and influences their decisions to buy a product or become part of a specific plan.  As the semester progressed, I came across numerous insightful articles and learned that I had held onto a narrow construction of marketing. This paper reflects on the vital concepts of marketing that I have learned and demonstrates how my understanding of marketing has changed throughout the semester.

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