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Reflexive paper

Reflexive paper

Please see the final paper instruction. it is important to take a look at the ppt/documents is provided because the content you have to get to know and make a correct connection.

Before you start doing this assignment I hope you can read the entire assignment requirement, class lecture powerpoints, and follow them closely to make sure we would not need to revise basic issue later.

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MAKE SURE to list the “exact page numbers” behind your reference (book). Take reference from academic websites end with “edu, org….”offically. AND try NOT copy but rewrite it in your own words and understanding. Please read through them. Thank you.

the link and 2 attachements are the required readings which may help you write this paper.
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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is considered as one of the most prolonged conflicts between nations that have spanned more than a century. The conflict is deemed to emerge in the late 19th century when the political Zionism was born. Zionism was a nationalist movement that focused on re-establishment of the independent Jewish state in the territory they believed was Israel’s historical land. This led to the influx of Jewish immigrants into Palestine, who bought land and established settlements as well as social institutions. The Jewish demonstrated the intentions of creating a Jewish homeland and, eventually, their state in Palestine (Kelman, 188). Their increasing number and need for creating new identity were viewed as a threat by the people of Palestine, who were being guided by the goal of developing an Arab nationalism and Palestinian identity. As a result, in the 1920s, the violence between the two identity groups emerged and influenced their relationship ever since.(869words)