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Regional trade

MAN551 International Business

Topics: Regional Trade Pacts Give the Mexican Auto Industry an Edge (NAFTA and BRICS) & Global Human Resource Management

Human capital is a company asset, but it’s not listed on the balance sheet. Human capital is all of the creative skills, knowledge, talents, and abilities that embody employees.

Explain the unique characteristic of human capital for the right fit for International Human Resources Management operations of hiring expatriates.

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Define ALL four ERPG Model of (1) ethnocentric, (2) geocentric, (3) polycentric, and (4) regio-centric/region-centric staffing approaches with the ability to adapt to different cultures in foreign environments. What are the strategies and challenges?

Write 3-4 FULL pages of text with 3-4 references in APA Format using the most recent data. You can go over 3 pages but not under.

No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or,; or site that challenge as they present a biased opinion.

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The competencies, knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities that interest the international human resource managers are centered on global competition dynamics. Employees are an asset to the company and must enhance capabilities to offer services and make products in global standards. The human resource department’s obligation is hiring people who meet the required competencies necessary to achieve success in the foreign environment. In the recruitment process, there is a mandate to screen and assess many applicants within the cultures’ framework in the foreign environment. The EPRG model (ethnocentric, polycentric, region-centric, and geocentric) gives a reliable framework for visualizing international management orientations and effectively guiding the staffing process. This paper explains the unique human capital characteristics necessary in the hiring of expatriates. Appropriate recruitment and selection of expatriates are important since an expatriate needs to adapt to the host country’s culture and maintain the headquarters’ interests.(1152 words)