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Remote Collaboration and Evidence-Based Care

Remote Collaboration and Evidence-Based Care

Create a 5–10 minute video of yourself, as a presenter, in which you will propose an evidence-based plan to improve the outcomes for a patient and examine how remote collaboration provided benefits or challenges to designing and delivering the care

  • In the Vila Health scenario, a two years old Caitlynn Bergan has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis
  • She was admitted at Valley City Regional Hospital for pneumonia, but parents don’t live in Valley City
  • Since her parents live in McHenry, collaboration is needed between Valley City hospital and a pediatrician in McHenry
  • A social services consultant in McHenry will be used to provide assistance to the family
  • The use of Skype will facilitate collaboration between the health team in Valley Hospital and those in McHenry clinic
  • Remote collaboration using the evidence-based model will be helpful in improving the health outcome of the patient


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