Research and analyze

Learning activity# 5

Research and analyze at least five (5) monographs, articles, websites, or other credible sources published over the last year that inform notable concerns, practices and solutions in United States healthcare finance.( 4 pages minimum)

  1. Briefly summarize the content and conclusions of each of your research sources. Provide source links.
  2. After considering the research, what were your biggest analytical judgments about the current state and future prognosis of about the healthcare finance topics you selected? Why?
  3. What major barriers did you learn about that might impact the speed and trajectory of future solutions to the healthcare finance challenges you identified from your research?
  4. Formulate and explain three specific, practical ideas you believe major healthcare organizations should prioritize for implementation to improve their financial practices, processes and performance outcomes in the future. How do you envision your ideas would benefit patients and other stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem? What would be different and better from the status quo?


Answer preview

Healthcare finance over the last year has experienced significant problems. The selected articles reveal that notable concerns and practices in the United States healthcare finance are the growing uninsured people, financial losses contributed by covid-19 and stagnant wages for healthcare workers. Practical ideas that can help address the issues illustrated in the selected articles could enable health organizations to deliver services that benefit patients and other stakeholders.