Research Design Methods & Applications

BAD440 Research Design Methods & Applications UNIT1: Research Strategies – Discussion Board

BAD440 – Research Design Methods & Applications

Unit 1: Research Strategies – Discussion Board

300 words – APA style + References (please use the book as one of your references – will provide the info)

Assignment Description

In this class, you will develop a research proposal based on a business, organizational problem, or topic that you want to explore.

Selecting a Topic for Your Research Proposal Project

  • Using the worksheets in Chapter 6 (pp. 37–41) and the materials in Chapter 16, examine how you will determine what area you will focus on for your research proposal and what questions you might ask. (will provide the info)
  • Select your research topic. Please select a topic this week so that you are ready for the Unit 2 and 3 Discussion Boards and your Unit 4 IP.

Types of Research

Discuss the following:

  • Explain the differences between academic and business research approaches.
  • Explain which research approach you as a researcher would choose (i.e. quantitative or qualitative) for your particular research question/problem.

Assignment Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of qualitative, quantitative, mixed and action research methods

s promised here are the info:

1)This file “Successful Business Research: Straight to the Numbers You Need-Fast! – Book Cover” is the book cover information to add as a reference.

2) This file “Successful Business Research: Straight to the Numbers You Need-Fast! – Chapter 6” from page 37 to. 41, sent in separated files – total of 5 pages = 5 files attached; are the worksheets that need to be examined how you will determine what area you will focus on for your research proposal and what questions you might ask.

3) This file “Chapter 16- Researching a Company” is a summary for chapter 16 of the same book, Successful Business Research: Straight to the Numbers You Need-Fast”

Notes: Instructor said this is going to be a proposal at the end when we reach at phase 4 which will be a “Unit 4 Individual Project”.

oday, my professor sent this note to the class about this assignment. Sharing it with you.

INSTRUCTOR NOTES: This class is unlike those you have had before. Our research is primary research. You will be creating a survey to answer your research question. So pick a topic you can develop a survey about and answer a SPECIFIC research question. Here are some examples and please do not choose those questions:

How do workers at ABC company perceive company parking arrangements?

Would residents of ABC community be receptive to a new Thai restaurant in their community?

How do employees at ABC company perceive their commute?

Why are employees at ABC company reluctant to get flu vaccinations?

You get the idea. Think specific and measurable. You won’t be able to answer questions like “would doing this increase profits?” unless you had some way to measure profits.

Answer preview

Developing a research topic requires a clear understanding of the area of focus. It is because researchers must be focused on one specific area in order to answer the research question and avoid ambiguity. As a researcher, I choose to focus on Amazon’s employees. My research topic is Amazon’s cultures and employee satisfaction. My research question is, how do Amazon’s employees perceive their company’s culture? My participants will be Amazon employees, and the data will directly come from them. In so doing, I will be able to gather information about what employees feel about the culture of the Amazon Company.