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Review paper

Review paper

please read the file and also select a topic u wanna work on and let me know in a day and start after i get approval from professor them start working on it

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“The cross of Christ” is an article written by Menno Simons in the 16th century during Christianity reformation. Menno Simons was an Anabaptist leader and later formed the Mennonites religious doctrine, which was a radical religious group that deviated in terms of beliefs from other protestant groups. The article presents important insights about the faith and beliefs of the Mennonites followers.   In his article “The Cross of Christ,” Menno maintained that it is only through baptism, and a public proclamation of Jesus Chris as the saviour, will only a person become part of the body of Christ[1]. The article shares more details that the staunch and devoted Christians should follow and believe.

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[1] Wenger, John C., and Leonard Verduin. “The complete writings of Menno Simons: c. 1496-      1561