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Risk Management Plan Project Phase II

Business Question

Risk Management Plan Project Phase II

Identify two or more case studies on legal and ethical workplace situations that are influenced by society, culture, politics, health, safety, and security. It is recommended to select two case studies relevant to your selected organization. There are many resources to use. To begin your search, review How can I find case studies. Pay particular attention to the information under the heading ‘Business Case Studies’.

The following article provides excellent sources on HR’s role in the mitigation of social and environmental risk and opportunities. • The Executive Summary by HRM’s Role in Corporate Social and Environmental Sustainability by Elaine Cohen, Sully Taylor and Michael MullerCamen…

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Requirements of Submission: Written components must follow these formatting guidelines: One page of double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and APA format for all elements.

Requirements: APA | Other | 2 pages, Double spaced

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Employee forms a vital component of an organization because they determine the success of plans at the operational level. However, legal and ethical situations may affect employee performance. The legal issues in workplaces include the employer’s inability to respect the laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender, race, religion, or age. Most workplace situations are caused by factors such as society, politics, culture, health, security, and safety. For example, culture influences how decisions are made in the organization regarding workplace policies. This paper will compare and contrast the legal and ethical workplace situations in Coca-Cola Company and Apple, which led to workplace changes.


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