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Risk Mitigation Plan

Risk Mitigation Plan

Senior management at Health Network allocated funds to support a risk mitigation plan, and have requested that the risk manager and team create a plan in response to the deliverables produced within the earlier phases of the project. The risk mitigation plan should address the identified threats described in the scenario for this project, as well as any new threats that may have been discovered during the risk assessment. You have been assigned to develop this new plan.

Please provide references


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Risk mitigation planning involves developing options and actions that reduce threats and enhance opportunities to meet the organization’s goals. The risk mitigation plan will take into consideration all the crucial factors that affect the implementation of the protection measures and how effective they will be. One of the threats that Health Network should mitigate in the risk mitigation plan is the threat of its employees. With more than 600 employees and operating in two additional locations in different states, internal attacks are a potential threat to the data ad systems of the organization. A rogue employee with the access and knowledge of the company’s data centers, admin accounts, and networks can cause serious damage. In this case, the risk mitigation plan will identify all the privileged credentials and accounts and ensure that those that are no longer in use are immediately terminated including, those connected to employees who no longer work for Health Network (Ahmed, 2017).  The risk mitigation plan will also include the provision of training to employees on cybersecurity and best practices. Training sessions will help employees learn more about protecting themselves online to avoid putting the company data at risk.(367words)