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Setting the price for a service

AHS 7645 week 5 discussion

Week 5 Discussion. Assume you have the responsibility for setting the fee to be charged to clients for a new service being offered. After computing a fee that will cover the costs of the program, you realize most people who will seek the service will not be able to afford the fee. What do you do?

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If I have the responsibility to set a fee that will be charged to customers in exchange for a new service, it is important to ensure that all expenses are covered so that the company generates profit. However, customers may not be in a position to afford the service fee.  Therefore, to make sure that both the company and customers are satisfied, the following can be done. First, some operations will be eliminated to reduce expenses. To achieve this, all operations will be ranked based on the level of importance. Using the ranked list, only the unnecessary operations will be eliminated to make sure the quality of the service is not compromised. This way, the cost of the program will reduce, giving room for reducing the service fee.(379words)

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