Social impact of infectious disease control

Familiarize yourself with the strategies of research and produce an original five page minimum persuasive research essay using only the Rasmussen College library to find varied academic resources/databases. Choose five current, varied (by type), and credible sources to use in writing to support your topic which should result in a five page essay that persuades the reader that your perspective on a debatable topic is the correct position to take. Your APA paper should demonstrate your ability to engage the reader, provide a strong thesis with pattern for development, incorporate in-text citations as needed, and include a final reference page listing and using research resources as described above. Here is the topic for your persuasive essay assignment:

What do you think will be the most important debatable economic or social problem facing your field of work 20 years from now? Choose the problem, define it, and defend your position using credible research

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Am tthinking of social effects of infectious disease control.

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Moreover, due to its reputation for gay men, Haiti was blamed for HIV/AIDs, and its immigrants in the US and other countries were treated with prejudice (Morey et al., 2021). Once an association of a class of infections with a community is established, it persists for a long. Whenever the seriousness of a pandemic and its transmission is unclear, there are higher risks of stigmatization, impacting future disease control measures. There are major implications arising from the association of an outbreak to a particular group. Despite global integration, significant social separation poses huge risks of discrimination and social stigma.

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Social impact of infectious disease control