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Social issues

current social issues paper for ethnic studies

Choose a current or recent social issue that is related to ethnic studies. Include/choose theories such as racial formation theory, whiteness, indigenous decolonization, structural functionalism, and intersectionality. Use social theories to frame the issue, and identify 3 or more perspectives from differing points of privilege to oppression, from conquest to resistance.

Here are the specific instructions:

3 components:

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– creative piece (1 page double spaced) : creatively present the specific topic you chose to a general audience. Possible formats could include newspaper article or commercial/advertisement. Illustrate complexity of issue and clearly communicate an ethnic studies perspective. Illustrative piece or picture may be included on this page (1 page max).

-research based analysis ( about 5-6 pages double spaced): Detail the complexities of the topic you chose; cite a minimum of three strong outside sources (books, journals, scholarly websites, articles, online publications). Use sources to help you articulate compare and contrast different viewpoints on topic. Properly cite all sources. For each viewpoint include:

-Background information on the viewpoint’s proponents

-Clear articulation of interests, ideologies, and agenda(s)

-Intersectional positioning

-Data from narratives and secondary sources

(include a works cited page)

-self reflection (may be separate section or may be included in research based analysis- about 1/2 page double spaced) Why does this issue matter to you? How has working on this project impacted how you view your own relationship to power, privilege, and oppression?

another note: make sure to talk about social construction and intersectionality:

Social Construction – What social theory(is) are you using to analyze the issue? What is the historical context of the issue? How did the topic/issue come about? How are different groups situated in relationship to power? How are the issue and perspectives constructed within a social context?

Intersectionality – As a more specific aspect of social construction, detail specifically how multiple intersecting axes of individual/group identity are at play in the viewpoints and the issue overall.

let me know if you need anything

also, when you choose a topic, can you let me know what it is.

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Many Latinos are US citizens, although some are immigrants, mainly from South America.  Latinos are not integrated into the white group and, in most instances, criticized for speaking Spanish and asked to go back to their country (Lopez, Ana, and Jens, 1). Most of the racialized systems in the contemporary world are structured within whiteness. According to the whiteness theory, there are particular social privileges defined to the white identity, hence an important element of the racial oppression mechanisms (Owen, 203). This means that discrimination among Latinos is significant when viewed as a non-white group or as black or Latinos than if others see them as White in the American culture. American population holds diverse perspectives on Latinos as white group or a non-white group. One approach is on education and social status and Latinos with college degrees described as white and those of lower-level education as Latinos or Hispanics (Lopez et al., 2).(2090words)