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Social media current event

Social media current event Powerpoint and speech draft

Because Social media is such a fluid and changing medium, a big part of our understanding and learning is gaining perspective from people that may not use social media the way we do. For this assignment we will be learning from each other by sharing an area of interest that you can “teach” and inform your peers about.

  • Prepare a ppt on an area of your interest in Social Media
  • 5-6 slide to support a 10-15 minute presentation.
  • Be sure to give appropriate context/background to support your discussion (i.e. explain the social media platform of your choice and any applicable history and any surrounding events that would impact class understanding of your topic)
  • A great presentation is one that contains an opinion supported by facts vs. just a collaboration of facts. See example below.
  • Be sure to include any relevant sources on the final page of the ppt.

Bad Example: This is WeChat and this is how I use it.

Great Example: WeChat is poised for international expansion due to its success in Asia.

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Bad Example: Here are my favorite social influencers The Kardashians and here are some of my favorite posts.

Great Example: The Kardashians have used social media to build their empire in a way supported most by Instagram. Here are the brand components they have used to build their brand and this is how social media has supported it.

Answer preview

  • Kylie Jenner is one of the most-followed people on Instagram and among the most-watched on Snapchat
  • At 22 years old, she has become a self-made billionaire through social media influencing
  • Her audience are predominantly teenagers and young women
  • Kylie has used social media to create content that has helped her to build her own beauty brand

(7 slides)