Sociological concepts

Select an advertisement, news video, or music video. Write an approximately three page, double-spaced analysis of the artifact using discourse sociological concepts identified in the class.

Things to consider: does the artifact show alienation, anomie, bureaucracy, socioeconomic class, culture, deviance, elites, marginalization, mass society, stereotypes, socialization, status, etc?

Here is a sample of the organizational structure of a paper:

A. Introduction: What, Why, How …

  1. Briefly describe the topic/ media artifacts.
  2. Explain why the particular topic is significant to your reader.
  3. Tell your audience how you will provide evidence or demonstrate an analysis of the media artifact—preview the points of the paper.

B. Body of evidence: Describe the media artifact and explain what the audience should notice.

  1. Provide a brief, denotative description of what the artifact is about.
  2. Begin the analysis by identifying the strategies used– for example, describe the scene in the news video that illustrates social class differences. Try to give two scenes or examples to illustrate each concept
  3. Follow the instructions in B2 for at least two more concepts from the sociological analysis chapter.
  4. Discuss the implications for readers/viewers and return to two questions from Masterman: What intention or goal of the creator is being fulfilled by this artifact?: who’s interests are being served? Why?: and what effect would this have on society if we bought into the message offered?

C. Conclusion: State how your analysis provides new insight about the media subject:

  1. Remind the audience why the media is important (as stated in your introduction).
  2. Review your points
  3. Finally, explain how your analysis provides new insight, reveals assumptions, or unintended meanings represented by the selected articles.

Requirements: Looking for a more in-depth guide with all the details.

Answer preview

In many advertisements and music videos we see every day on TV, they usually embark on a certain class of people. In the Montana music video, there is a difference in social class. As much as he is dancing with the ghetto kids, Montana and Swae Lee are well dressed while the kids and other people surrounding the look very humble (French Montana, 2017). It is evident that people have different social classes in life, and we can all never be on the same level. However, regardless of where one is, they can move to the next level if they get the chance and utilize it well. Those kids have been dancing for many years, and they never thought they could be in America one day. However, through their hard work and dedication, Montana noticed their good work and decided to move them to the next level of life by featuring them in his music video.

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Sociological concepts