Sociological Perspective of the Federal Minimum Wage

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What do you believe the federal minimum wage should be? Be sure to take a sociological perspective and reference the concept of living wage while crafting a 3-page argument. Please look at the rubric. I uploaded it to the question

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Nope its just actually 3 pages and the rubric is attached. Just please make sure to follow the rubric and the instructions

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The debate surrounding the efficacy of the current federal minimum wage has been part of the United States, considering the last adjustment happened in 2009. Currently, it stands at $7.25. Most people are not criticizing the amount denoted under this wage, but rather the fact that it does not match most peoples’ living wage. Such a discrepancy means that people are not earning enough money to meet their financial obligations. The current federal minimum needs to get adjusted upwards and match or exceed the established living wage (Croteau, 2014).