Software bugs

600 words Memo IT class

Conduct research of recent software bugs. You are interning at Clueless IT Consultants in Washington DC. Your internship supervisorEngineer Smarty Pants asks you to prepare a memo describing two a recent software bugs and their impact. The memo should be 600 words. Use MS Word has Memo templates which I need to you to make your work look professional. Please don’t forget to make it look simple and clear and use MS Word Memo templates.


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Software bugs entail faults in a program which make it behave in an unintended or unanticipated manner. To develop a fully functional program, it needs to understand causes software bugs and their consequences.  Cotroneo, De Simone, Liguori, Natella, & Bidokhti, (2019, August) outline that software bugs can have extreme effects on a program developed. Therefore, it is always crucial for the organizations or IT staff to evaluate and ensure the observance of all fine details of software development.  It is always vital for the development team to check all software development components and ensure that all requirements are observed.  Software bugs negatively impact the organization financially or become a threat to human well-being. For this IT consultant company to develop quality software, it needs to understand the meaning of software bugs, types of these bugs and their consequences.