Software System Project

Software System Project 1000 words minimum report

Prepare a software requirements specifications document for the desired system in which is clearly state the problem you are working on. The document should also functional and non-functional requirements, which should be derived from the problem statement. Also include models illustrating how behavioral and functional aspects of the desired system will work. You should provide detailed descriptions of your models so that a reader is able to understand your design decisions.

The report should have a cover page, table of contents, introduction/purpose, system requirements, conclusion.

The project reports must be at least 1000 words to fulfill the university’s writing intensive requirement and this excludes the cover page and table of contents.

Please make it look simple, I will attach the lectures and 2 screen shots from my account to show you the system.

you can use draw io for the diagrams… this is a link to the system description in the university website

those are the rest of them

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  • Sequence diagrams model how software components interact and communicate with each other
  • Sequence diagrams transform use case diagrams to a more formal level of refinement and detail
  • Sequence diagrams illustrate how components:
  • interact with each other
  • The order of interaction
  • A requirements engineer/analyst uses sequence diagrams to illustrate the behavior of a new system

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