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Stakeholder analysis

Brief Analysis paper


Healthcare stakeholders disagree about the impact of legal risks, medical malpractice claims, tort reform, and defensive medicine on the cost of care and the cost of health insurance in the United States, as well as the importance of such impact.

How do legal risks, medical malpractice claims, tort reform, and defensive medicine impact the relationship between healthcare providers and patients? How should they impact the relationship? Make three suggestions to improve existing healthcare policy based on your analysis of impacts on the provider-patient relationship.


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             Issues such as tort reforms, legal risks, defensive medicine, and medical malpractices affect the relationship between caregivers and patients. The trust between these two groups can be negatively impacted due to medical malpractice claims from patients. Also, matters such as tort reforms and legal risks can cause an increase in the cost of healthcare, creating challenges in access to healthcare (Reschovsky and Saiontz‐Martinez, 2018). The code of conduct for healthcare provides also deteriorates, which adversely influences their interaction with patients. It gives rise to the subject of negligence, such as which affects the legal responsibility of doctors towards patients based on the Tort law. Besides, defensive medicine causes economic and psychological benefits for caregivers, unlike patients, due to the overuse of healthcare.(403 words)