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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

DIRECTIONS: Please provide a statement of no more than 500 words regarding your application for a degree. Your answer should use proper sentence structure and begin a new paragraph for each of the four main questions. You should respond to these points:

1. Summarize your professional and personal goals, being sure to include the motivation behind your decision to pursue a degree and how the degree will contribute to your goals.

2. Explain your past academic history and how you plan to be successful here at NWU. Please address any instances that resulted in poor academic performance or consequences at another academic institution. Outline what specific circumstances have changed in order to allow for your success now.

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3. Describe your strengths and challenges as a learner. How will you address your challenges in order to maintain your academic success?

4. Provide a detailed study plan that includes the days of the week, location where you’ll be studying/completing assignments, and the specific times during the day that you’ll be devoting to your studies (e.g. Monday 2-4 pm, Tuesday, 5-7 pm).


Note: Student dropped out of high school. Student had no direction and wasn’t focused in high school. Student has a GED and decided to start college in 2019. Student completed few credits at a community college and wants to transfer to NWU because of the school’s flexibility and short terms. Student is now an adult and is more focused than before. Student realized later in life how important it is to have an education and is determined in getting a Bachelor degree in Business Management. Student believes that this degree will help him in growing his business and become a better leader.


Note: For every course taking, study time should be 10-15 hours a week. Student will take two courses per term. Study time for the week should be 20-30 hours a week total.

Admission is very particular. Please answer all four questions with proper grammar and sentence structure. No plagiarisms please. Thanks.

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After extensive research and consultation, I have decided to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Northwest University. My goal is to be a successful business leader in the US and the global environment. The degree will help me develop my business and become a better leader in the short term. I am committed to acquiring the relevant skills needed to manage all business operations, including human resources, negotiations, contracts, and proper accounting techniques. My goal is to have basic and later advanced level knowledge on the purpose and effective approaches for performing various tasks. I have found myself extremely interested in being a successful leader to inspire others to achieve key business objectives. I have learned the business environment is competitive. I am deeply intrigued by the influence of managers and leaders in the business environment and the community. My future goal is to complete an MBA and specialize in strategic management.(494words)