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strategic alliance

MGT401 Assignment

1.Briefly introduce your chosen firms, partners of alliance (Industry, nationality, size…).

2.What type of strategic alliance that form your selected firms? Explain its different reasons.

3.Is this alliance successful? Justify.

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4.What is the method used by the firms to manage their cultures after alliance? underline the pros and cons of this method.

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nothing more except answer the questions one by one, don’t make it as a paragraph

Answer preview

One of the most successful strategic alliances is between General Mills and Nestle companies, which has lasted since 1991 (Nestle, 2020). General Mills is an American multinational company that manufactures, markets and sells different consumer foods brands that are sold through retail stores. Nestle’, on the other hand, is a multinational company based in Switzerland that specializes in drinks and food processing.  The two companies joined together to form Cereals Partners Worldwide (CPW), which produces and markets breakfast cereals in about 130 countries globally with more than 4,000 employees (Nestle, 2020).  The main aim was to popularize the different products sold by General Mills on markets controlled by Nestle. Even though most of the CPW’s cereals originate from General Mills, they are sold under the Nestle brand. Some of these brands include cookie crisp, lion cereal shreddies and cheerios.