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strategic planning methods

AHS 7610 week 6 mini assignment #3

Identify two strategic planning methods and describe what the methods are, and in what type of situations would you utilize those models. Also, research and describe when someone else has found success utilizing those methods. What were their working situations before implementing their chosen methods? What were their outcomes after implementation of their methods?

Week 6 Readings and Resources

Textbook Readings

  • Designing a Customer-Centric Organization. J. Galbraith. Chapters 7 and 8 (pages 145-172)


PowerPoint Presentation

  • Organization Change by Systems ThinkingPreview the document: This PowerPoint presentation walks you through different organizational change strategies. This will be helpful for your Mini Assignment this week and your Final Paper.


Learning Module

Answer preview

According to Galbraith (2005), leading strategic change in the organization requires the management to evaluate crucial factors, such as barriers to effective change management. Change resistance attitudes among the employees could contribute to poor change management. Hence, due to the increased competition of delivering exceptional services to clients, managers should identify practical action plans to launch the identified change. Proper planning on the change processes is vital since it shapes the management’s direction to achieve a successful change process. The strategic planning models that could be implemented in designing a practical change process are the issue-based framework and the alignment model.

Preview YouTube video Overcoming Resistance to Change – Isn’t It Obvious?

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