Strategic planning

strategic planning outline/paper

Research and select a criminal justice organization in your community in relation to outlining a strategic planning process. Make sure you are able to access information about the organization for all the required parts of the assignment.

Assess the public safety issues in your selected criminal justice organization as they correlate with the agency’s mission, vision, and goals.

Create a 1-page outline that details the initial steps in the strategic planning process for the selected criminal justice organization and correlating public safety issues.

Include the following in your outline:

  • Relevant stakeholders and their roles
  • Public safety issues/challenges
  • Strategies for scanning and assessing
  • Data and resources needed to address the issues/challenges

Write a 350-word paper that discusses:

  • Prioritization of the issues/challenges
  • Correlation between the organization’s mission, vision, and goals regarding the prioritized issues/challenges
  • Goals to address the issues/challenges

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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The American Bar Association (ABA) is among the recognizable criminal justice organizations that significantly influenced my community. ABA has several stakeholders with different roles directly affected by the organization’s events and decision making. They include the state bar association and the legal services for legal counsel and representation. Also, mental health, health and long-term care agencies and the Public and private, professional guardians are crucial in strategic planning and evidential decision making. Simultaneously, the family guardians, self-advocates, and Regional Social Security and Veterans Administration representatives are critical in ensuring accountability and transparency.