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Stylistic Analysis and Analysis of Context

Write an essay around 400-600 words in length for each of the two images attached

Write an essay around 400-600 words in length for each of the two images posted be the instructor below. Post them together in one file here and at in order to receive credit.

Short essay 1 – Stylistic Analysis (50 points)

DIRECTIONS: For image A, write a short essay discussing this work’s stylistic significance. Be sure to cover the following points in your essay and use and define appropriate class vocabulary. Include an introduction, use complete sentences, and end with a clear conclusion. -Identify the name of the work, artist and period/style -Describe and analyze the stylistic characteristics. -What are the key design features and why were they chosen? -What is the relationship between design and function and context? -Is it a good example of its period/style? Why or why not? -What art historical or architectural terminology can you use when discussing this work?

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Short essay 2 – Analysis of context/cultural significance. (50 points)

DIRECTIONS: For image B, write a short essay discussing its cultural significance (its links to context). Be sure to cover the following points in your essay and include an introduction, use complete sentences, and end with a clear conclusion. -Identify the title of the work, the artist, and the period/style. -How does this work reflect its cultural, social, historical and/or political context? -What does the work tell us about the culture and the historical era that produced it? Why? Be specific and make connections whenever appropriate between style, function, subject matter and its context.

Note: you do not need to include in-text citation or a source list. Use primarily the module material and provided PDF readings.

You may want to review the art history topic definitions provided in the “Important information…” topic before composing your essays.

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When people think of ancient cultures like Greek and Roman, they think of numerous artworks. Most sculptures in museums originated from traditional cultures, where people who designed them possessed skills in artistry. They used art to show their creativity and answer questions about nature. The artifacts that have been recorded to show the creativity of traditional cultures include the buildings and sculptures. Some artifacts have lost some parts as time goes depending on the care given to them. One of the commonly known artifacts of ancient cultures is the one presented in image A.(1099words)