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Supply Chain Management and Technology

Supply Chain Management and Technology

This week’s readings suggest that technology is at the center of changes taking place in supply chain management. In this discussion you will take a closer look at innovative technologies that companies are implementing to streamline their supply chain operations and examine how these new technologies have affected their business performance.

For your initial post provide an example of a company that has been innovative with the implementation of new technology in their supply chain network. You can select a company on your own (using credible sources) from your textbook or from assigned readings. Your post must include the following:

  • Name your chosen company and describe their business, then explain how they have implemented change in their supply chain through technological innovation.
  • Explain how technology has changed the company, improved its supply chain management, and stimulated its competitive advantage.
  • Provide one example of another new technology that you think might further improve the company’s supply chain operations and increase its global efficiency and competitiveness.

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Technology has facilitated significant improvements in supply chain management in most companies. Amazon is an example of companies that have used technology in their supply chain management. Amazon is an e-commerce business that has warehouses in most parts of the world. Customers who place their order online get their goods delivered within the shortest time possible. Through technology, Amazon has improved its inventory management through the use of robots. According to Liang et al. (2015), robots are used in Amazon warehouses to perform pick and pack operations. The delivery network of Amazon has also been improved through technology. Amazon Prime Air is the most current innovation of Amazon that uses drones to deliver products to customers (Liang et al., 2015). Also, Amazon has invented a trucking app that has streamlines the supply chain because drivers can easily locate their deliveries.(324words)