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supportive essay

LIT2000 supportive essay

Both stories “Half a Day” and “The Lesson” are about school. Both are about much more than that. How do the “other things that the stories are about appear”? “; use quotes from the stories to support and expand your ideas. Read the Introduction carefully, engage your critical thinking insights and ideas from the Introduction, “Innocence” throughout your response and add in-text citation. MLA Style! In-text citations and a works cited Page. Must be 450-700 words.

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Various themes can bring about other things in the story. The most contrast in the story, The Lesson, is the theme of wealth inequality. Miss Moore takes the children on a trip to a toy store in Manhattan to teach them how unfair economic and social systems create unequal opportunities to access black Americans’ money and resources.  The first thing to note was the taxi ride, which was not common to all the kids. “They were all fascinated with the meter tickling…” (Bambara 2), which suggests they may have never seen it before.