Successful and profitable organizations

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On the Business in the Community website, as well as the Morgan Sindall corporate website, there is a campaign to “Increase the Participation of Women.” View the Morgan Sindall corporate website (especially the board of directors), and review sources from this module, to answer the following questions:

  • Does the board of directors at Morgan Sindall represent gender balance?
  • How does a board of directors’ gender balance impact a corporate message aimed to increase the participation of women?
  • How does this campaign benefit stakeholders?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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Addressing the issue of women’s under-representation in the construction and engineering sectors will positively impact the company’s stakeholders. These stakeholders include not only employees and mid-level management personnel but also communities affected by the company’s operations. For the internal stakeholders, the campaign lets them know that as long as they work hard, they will be rewarded and promoted to top-level jobs within the company, irrespective of their gender (Web Archive, 2016). For the local community, young female engineering graduates will be excited because the company does not embrace gender-discriminatory hiring practices (Web Archive, 2016).

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Successful and profitable organizations