Career in law enforcement


Compose an essay of about 150-200 word that addresses each prompt.
Your essays will be reviewed. It is important to express ideas clearly. Ensure correct spelling and grammar and demonstrate the depth of your thoughts on the subjects.

Describe your previous life experience. Why have they led you to pursue a career in law enforcement?

What is community policing and why is it an important philosophy and practice in policing today?

DC is a diverse and multicultural city and it is quite possible that, if you are selected to become an MPD officer, you will work with individuals and in communities whose experiences differ from your own. What steps will you take to learn more about the communities you will serve to ensure you can offer the highest level of police service?

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The relationship between police and the community is centered around a deeply rooted social relationship that takes a lot of effort to piece together. However, being a police officer, one can take several steps to improve relations. Learning about the community will involve identifying areas with the highest levels of violence. According to Berkman (2021), Unaddressed traumas in the community are due to cycles of mistrust. Identifying the area will help create a foundation for a relationship with the community members. The next step involves attending community meetings and communicating promptly during criminal incidents. That will help draw the community closer and build trust that will draw you closer to the community. Also, increasing foot patrol and establishing programs that solicit

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Career in law enforcement