Environmental sustainability internship

Your personal statement should be one page in which you write about your interest in the opportunity, what kind of internship you are interested in, and your specific skills and experience that will make you a good candidate for the program. You should not reference specific company names of interest to you in your statement, as your personal statement may be shared with multiple potential employers. Career Services can help you write both of these documents.Environmental Sustainability in Ho Chi Minh City is an opportunity for students to be considered for various internship placements in the field of Environmental Sustainability in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City is a metropolitan city of Vietnam with a population of twelve million. It is one of the top ten most dynamic cities for innovation and start-ups in the world, and Vietnam itself wants to make the country known as a “start-up nation,” utilizing 4.0 technology for its economy. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world with a booming economy and ever-increasing construction and foreign investment. The fast growth and speedy development of the economy raise the awareness of sustainability as a way to preserve the health of the country. Jobs in environmental sustainability for public, non-profit and industry sectors are in high demand. With the ability to face real issues that affect developing countries, Ho Chi Minh City is a safe and dynamic place to be and to intern. From going onsite for wastewater quality surveys, analyzing environmental impacts of a new building plan, or organizing press releases for a sustainability entrepreneurship incubator program, the intern experience will be filled with meaningful and valuable tasks.

Students who are looking to gain experience in fields like architecture, business development, civil engineering, communications, environmental engineering, environment and software architecture, green building, renewable energy, sustainable entrepreneurship, and urban planning are encouraged to apply.

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While pursuing my undergraduate program, I visited different communities while advocating for environmental sustainability. This exposed me to communities experiencing major health threats because of air pollution from polluting factories. Many plants closed business because of failing to comply with the Clean Air Act. Others risked their operation licenses due to poor waste management and damaging land and water bodies. Therefore, my passion for transforming such settings based on the real-world experience from the internship will add value to the measures taken to improve healthy living. Generally, my skills in effective communication, critical thinking, analyzing community problems, and developing evaluation programs for the implemented interventions will add value when identifying sustainable environmental solutions.

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Environmental sustainability internship

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