Employee motivation

Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation. Make your choice based on evidence from resources you find.

To be effective, a company must learn to motivate its employees to efficiently and effectively meet the goals of the organization. Prior to starting this case study, read Chapter 6 in your text, the article Person-organization Fit, Family Supportive Organization Perceptions, and Self-efficacy Affect Work-life Balance (Links to an external site.), watch the required videos, The puzzle of motivation (Links to an external site.)and What makes us feel good about our work? (Links to an external site.), review the Writing a Case Study Analysis (Links to an external site.) resource from the Writing Center, and review the weekly Instructor Guidance and any supporting information in the announcements.The Motivation Case Study:

  • Identify a company that struggles with employee motivation. Make your choice based on evidence from resources you find. Be sure to document these resources so you can include as citations and references in your paper. The company may be currently active or no longer operating.
    • Not sure how to start? Try googling “Worst companies to work for” or “companies with poor motivation.” Numerous sites list companies that are struggling in differing areas. Once you identify the company you want to research, google news articles or other sites that include information about the company and the situations affecting motivation/challenges.
  • Research the company and the associated motivational challenges.
  • Identify three to five motivational challenges within the company that you discovered through your research. Support this information with citations for the sources that provided you the information about the organization.
  • Discuss potential rationales for why the company is experiencing these issues. Support your assertions with credible sources.
  • Identify at least three content theories and/or process theories of motivation, discussed in this week’s text chapters that could be applicable to determining strategies/solutions. (You are to identify the theories that you think could be applied to improve the organization’s situation.) Consider using headings in your paper to organize this information.
    • Note that extrinsic and intrinsic motivation are types of motivation and should not be presented as theories, but as variables within a theory.
  • Discuss Possible Solutions/Changes Needed
    • Identify at least two strategies that could be applied to improve motivation, based on your reading and research.

The Motivation Case Study paper

Requirements: 4 to 5 pages

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The concept is based on the belief that our actions result from a conscious choice among several viable options. Individuals will always choose the behavior that maximizes their enjoyment while reducing their discomfort, according to Expectancy Theory (Kenny, 2019). As a result, the theory seeks to explain why people behave the way they do. The expectation theory is a motivation concept based on the idea that an employee’s motivation is determined by how much they want something. Every action made by an employee is likely to result in various results, some of which are desired and others that are not. Employees that work hard and perform long shifts with overtime hours, for example, have a good possibility of earning a wage raise or even a promotion. The same could harm their social lives because they would have less time to spend with family and friends.

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Employee motivation