Emotional decisions

What role do your emotions serve? And is it okay to express them in the workplace? A salesperson with intense passion can convince someone to make a purchase. On the other hand, an angry manager can prompt an unfair review. In this discussion, you are asked to help your team to understand and manage their emotions in the workplace. To get started, review the following article: Like It or Not, Emotions Will Drive the Decisions You Make Today.

Assume that you are a team leader, and your team is under a deadline to get a lot done. You have noticed that some of your team members tend to get overwhelmed and make emotional decisions. Other team members seem to thrive in those situations and are motivated by the deadline.

Based on this article, make a list of things you can do as a manager to help your team to understand and manage their emotions so they all can be productive. For instance, what could you teach them about emotions? How would you pair people to work together? What would help them to learn about their emotions so they can be more productive in the workplace?

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This arrangement would help the anxious members to learn positive coping mechanisms from the confident ones through observation and mentoring. Providing anxious team members with educational materials will help them understand themselves and become more productive at work. Allowing them to mingle with other coworkers will also facilitate positive stress management skills to boost productivity.

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Emotional decisions