Social Loafing

Imagine your Learning Team has been selected to create a training session on team functioning. The people attending the training session are all members of ineffective teams; the teams have been identified by the organization as unproductive, with frequent bickering among the group members.

Use this week’s textbook readings to complete the presentation, as well as “The Discipline of Teams” and “The Problem of Free-Riding in Group Projects: Looking Beyond Social Loafing as Reason for Non-contribution” articles located on this week’s University Library Resources page.

Requirements: 2 slides

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  • Hall, D., & Buzwell, S. (2013). The problem of free-riding in group projects: Looking beyond social loafing as reason for non-contribution. Active Learning in Higher Education14(1), 37-49.
  • Katzenback, J. R., & Smith, D. K. (2005). The discipline of teams. Harvard Business Review83(7/8), 162-171

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Social Loafing