Compare and contrast predictive analytics

Answer 2 questions separately with minimum 300 words each and include at least 3 APA formatted references

1. Compare and contrast predictive analytics with prescriptive and descriptive analytics. Use examples.

2.Discuss the process that generates the power of AI and discuss the differences between machine learning and deep learning.

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The comparison between all these sets of big data analytics is that they capture digital information; hence they all share a similar value of analyzing data for organizations. Descriptive analytics is the first simplest category of big data analytics among predictive and prescriptive analytics. It allows a user to divide data into smaller parts that are highly useful information. The purpose of descriptive analytics is to summarize occurrences, for example, social analytics (Sharda, Delen, Turban, Aronson, and Liang, 2014). Descriptive analytics assess simple event encounters that represent raw data, such as the number of followers or posts on a social media platform. It mainly processes data into results that can be interpreted at a glance without high complexity in data analytics.(754 words)