Pregnant Patient with Serious Partying Problem’

Jackie is a 31-year-old pregnant patient (2nd child, two different fathers) single mother of a 6-year-old who is coming for prenatal care since she suspects she is pregnant. She is no longer with the father of Robby, her firstborn. She indicates “pretty serious partying” with the likely father of the baby. By pretty serious partying she means 10-12 drinks per occasion, one to two times per week, plus intermittent methamphetamine use.

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The strategies applicable in this case include counseling Jackie after the screening. Educating Jackie on the impact of alcohol drinking and drug abuse during pregnancy will be crucial in helping her reduce alcohol consumption and drug abuse (Dejong et al., 2019). In addition, the pregnancy period is when women need support, helping them find a supportive environment by lowering barriers to access to services for engagement and emotional support and reaching out to family or friends for support. On the same note, referring Jackie to other health and social services will help her manage the situation, especially with the father of the firstborn child out of the picture and the likely father of the child she is expecting, who appears to be irresponsible due to their drinking habits.

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Pregnant Patient with Serious Partying Problem’