Healthcare professionals

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Agency is: Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital | Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (

Propose a theoretically or model-based solution for change
within the context of factors or pressures that support the status quo (restraining forces) and
those pressures that support change in the desired direction (driving forces).

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There is increased adoption of innovative solutions such as information technology (IT) to address healthcare issues. Issues of patient safety are also a major concern in the industry. Hence reducing medical errors is a major factor for the organization’s survival. Delivering high-quality services to the pediatric population is also important since stakeholders are proactive in enhancing the safe environment. Technology systems to support the operations are available.

Internal Restraining Force

The force in play is the culture and the organizational structure. Since the organization operates as a non-profit organization serving vulnerable populations, cost concerns reduce commitment to delivering high-quality services.

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Healthcare professionals