Social marketing campaigns

Social marketing uses traditional marketing concepts to change health behavior, with the ultimate outcome of a healthier population. Social marketing campaigns have been used to raise awareness of risk and risk behaviors, to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors, and to encourage cessation of unhealthy behaviors. In this assignment, you will be analyzing social marketing campaigns.

For this assignment, select two social marketing campaigns that have been conducted on the same health issue. Be sure to select social marketing campaigns or health issues different from those you used in previous discussion questions, assignments, or the final project.

The Internet, write a 3–5-page paper that addresses the following:

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The CDC’s campaign took place in two phases. The first phase of adverts ran between February 3 and April 6, while the second ran between July 7 and September 7 (CDC, 2016). The adverts contained messages about individuals struggling with smoking-related issues such as gum disease, cancer, stroke, and premature birth. Furthermore, the campaign also ran adverts featuring stories of the impact smoking-related issues have on a smoker’s family and friends (CDC, 2020). The FDA implemented a comprehensive paid media strategy to alter their tobacco-related knowledge, beliefs, conduct, and attitudes (FDA, n.d.). After a rise in smokeless tobacco use amongst teenagers in 2016 prompted the FDA to include adverts targeting hard-to-reach male youths between 12 and 17 years who were at risk for using smokeless tobacco (FDA, n.d.). During this 2016 campaign, the primary message was “smokeless doesn’t mean harmless.

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Social marketing campaigns