Juvenile Delinquency

Assignment Details – In 300 words or more address the following providing references for support

Assignment Details

Part 1: Review the U.S. Department of Justice definition of a gang.

Part 2: Invent a fictional character and select at least 3 specific elements, known or unknown to them, that might have influenced their decision to join a gang. Consider the following:

  • Their parental influences
  • Community
  • Home environment
  • School performance
  • Any other element you believe relevant

Part 3: Using what you’ve learned thus far (Delinquency Theories) , address the following:

  • Explain how the elements you selected influenced your character’s choice to join a gang.

( Examples – Strain Theory, Rational Theory )

The textbook we are using in class that you can use as a Reference:

Bartollas, C., & Schmalleger, F. (2017). Juvenile Delinquency (Justice Series) (3rd Edition). Pearson Education (US).

Requirements: 300 words or more

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Notably, the social learning theory explains Tyson’s involvement in crime due to his home environment. This theory emphasizes that people learn behavior from their environment by imitating others, observational learning, and getting rewards that motivate them (Bartollas & Schmalleger, 2017). As seen in Tyson’s case, his social environment inspired him to imitate gang behavior. Further, the strain theory explains the parental influences that motivated Tyson’s deviant behavior. This theory reveals that social structures such as financial challenges and lack of proper education drive people to commit crimes (Bartollas & Schmalleger, 2017). Finally,

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Juvenile Delinquency