Exigent circumstances

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This week, you are continuing your study of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. Respond to 1 of the following questions. Support your answer with at least 1 published court case, such as a case from the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • What is the search incident to arrest doctrine, and how could be it be applied? Write a fact pattern with an example of search incident to arrest. Be specific with your facts, and cite a published case in which the court discusses a search incident to an arrest.


  • What are exigent circumstances, and how would they excuse the need for a search warrant? Write a fact pattern with an example of exigent circumstances. Be specific with your facts, and cite a published case in which the court discusses exigent circumstances.
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There are 3 main exigent circumstances that allow for searches without warrants, as established in this case. These include preventing the destruction of evidence, providing emergency assistance, and engaging in hot pursuit to prevent a fleeing individual suspected of perpetrating a crime from escaping (Kinports, 2018). When assessing whether an exigent circumstance arose, courts will normally look at the time an officer did the warrantless search to determine whether, at this time, a reasonable officer at the scene would believe that it is not only urgent to take action but also impractical to secure a warrant to execute the intended action (Kinports, 2018).

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Exigent circumstances

Juvenile justice system

assignment -1 In a minimum of 1-2 pages, briefly discuss, identify and describe the nine major decision points in the juvenile justice process.

Proper APA format required to include a title page, reference page, and citations.

assigment-2 In a minimum of 1-2 pages, summarize and discuss ONE of the four landmark cases for establishing due process rights in the juvenile justice system.

Proper APA format required to include a title page, reference page, and citations.

Requirements: 2 pages each

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The due process model was established to help juveniles not to face criminal charges and have the right to prove themselves innocent until proven quilt. In my opinion, the court handled Gerald’s case poorly because the court underutilized the importance of due process with a clear awareness that due process is the primary foundation of individuals’ freedom (Hellerstein & Appleby, 2020). Based on the U.S supreme court, juveniles and adults are supposed to be given a fair trial and the freedom to exercise their rights under the due process clause of the fourteen amendments.

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Juvenile justice system