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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

AHS 7645 week 4 writing assignment

Consider a community need you would like to address. Create a program to address the need. Develop a logic model and 1-year budget for your program. Be sure to cite sources for your budget – the numbers included should be supported by resources.

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Week 4 Readings and Resources



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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

Prevention of teen pregnancy is a significant community needs in the US. According to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), Arkansas had the highest rate of teen pregnancy in 2018, reaching 30.4 per 1000 females (CDC, 2020, April 28). The statistics include women aged 15-19 years. Comprehensive sex education in the community is one initiative that can help reduce teen pregnancy. In this program, the overall expected benefit within the community is a decrease in sexual activity, increased use of contraception, a reduction in teen pregnancy, and STI cases among girls less than 20 years. A 3-year sex education program in the community is long enough and specific to meet the desired outcomes. There is evidence that a comprehensive program can increase the use of contraception, reduce sex activity, reducing STI and pregnancy in a different group at risk such as black and Latinos (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program, 2015, February 02).  The program will include a curriculum that will engage parents and caregivers. Adolescents and youths will develop communication and negotiation skills that enhance both abstinence and effective birth control.(1026 words)