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Terrorism in the United States

Research Paper – Terrorism has formed the fabric of the United States

Proposed Research Question, Purpose Statement, and Design Statement

In this assignment you will present your research question along with a purpose statement. You will also present your preliminary thoughts on a research design. In other words, how do you intend to answer your research question. The specific research question should be of depth and breadth required for a major project. There is a template attached with the proper headings and settings. You are required to use this template to submit your assignment. This temple is attached as “Assignment1Template.”

Required Elements of the Assignment

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  • Approximately three (3) pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The length requirement does not include title/cover page or reference list.
  • Introduction – Provide pertinent information related to your topic focusing on why your topic is important. The introduction contains three secondary headings which are Purpose Statement, Research Question, and Design Statement.
    • Purpose Statement – Present your purpose statement in this section.
    • Research Question – Present your research question in this section.
    • Design Statement – Explain how you intend to answer your research question. This section represents your preliminary thoughts on a methodology. For example, you may intend to conduct a case study in order to answer your research question. It is expected that your research design will evolve as a result of conducting the literature review. (Will research every era and identify how terrorism has influenced the growth and development of the United States)
  • Title Page
  • Reference list in APA format containing 10 scholarly sources of which six must be peer reviewed journal articles

Answer preview

Terrorism refers to the use of force and violence by nonstate actors to cause havoc in a country (Bruce, 2013). Sandler (2014) defines terrorism as the application of threats to intimidate people for political and social reasons. Terrorism is a global phenomenon, and almost all countries in the world have been affected by terrorist activities. The earliest terrorist activities recorded occurred in the late eighteenth century during the French Revolution. In America, 9/11 is perhaps the terrorist activity that has garnered more attention given the impact even though terrorist operations targeting the US asserts had occurred towards the end of the twentieth century. The occurrence of terrorist activities in the US has heightened the preparedness of US authorities to respond to the attacks in addition to neutralizing them before they happen. The terrorist activities of 9/11 necessitated the government to enhance security within the country to curb the occurrence of terrorist activities, and this led to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, whose role is to combat terrorism within the US borders (Kahan, 2013).(1175 words)