The case Study of Clinic Administrator

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The case study:

As the recently appointed administrator of a local health clinic, Community Hills Care Clinic, your clinic is facing several challenges. Your clinic is being investigated for poor billing practices which include false billing of Medicare amongst other misconduct. This has caused quite a bit of attention to be focused on your clinic, which is well known in the area, by the local media. In turn, your staff is becoming anxious and worried about the future of the clinic, causing staffing turnover and shortages at times. Additionally, patients are becoming wary of the clinic in hearing the bad press. As the clinic’s administrator, the board wants to know how you intend to address the problems that you are facing.

Your Task:

Prepare a presentation for the Board, which includes the following:

  • What issues you want to address in the clinic
  • What strategies you intend to use to ensure that patients receive quality care, while addressing the clinic issues
  • What policies will you need to examine and implement?
  • What process improvement tools could you use to help you?
  • Address the need for ethical decision making. What is it? Why is it important? How will you enforce it in the clinic?
  • Going forward, what technology will you use or implement to help ensure the clinic’s success?
  • How will you market yourself to the public in an attempt to regain trust and portray a better image?

*Please use APA formatting

*Remember, presentations are the take-aways, the Speaker’s note box is where you write what you would actually say.

Requirements: .doc file

Book Title:

Planning Health Promotion Programs: An Intervention Mapping Approach – e-book available in

the APUS Online Library


Publication Info:

Jossey Bass



Book Title:

Tyler’s Guide: The Healthcare Executive’s Job Search, 4th ed. – e-book available in the APUS

Online Library


Tyler, Larry

Publication Info:

Health Administration Press



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            Fraud and abuse are significant challenge in healthcare settings. A healthcare administrator has a significant role in addressing such issues. Fraud is facilitated by corporate organizational cultures that include physicians’ incentives (Drabiak, & Wolfson, 2020). Community Hills Care Clinic needs to address poor billing practices. According to Tyler (2011), information technology (IT) provides quick and effective solutions to address healthcare challenges. Addressing challenges in the clinical setting utilizes a standard planning process to integrate policies with process improvement tools and success techniques.  A feasible intervention to reduce fraud in the clinic is implementing compliance and risk management systems that utilize front end data analytics (Drabiak, & Wolfson, 2020). Addressing poor billing practices in the clinic include active utilization of the important information technology (IT) systems and active change in organizational culture since it is promoted by contractual incentives to include unnecessary procedures.