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The future of McDonalds

The future of McDonalds

Research paper regarding the use of technology in the fast food industry, specifically McDonald’s. The objective is to complete a written plan that will suggest a practical Strategic Direction for a company. I’ve attached some references for the bibliography, the course project topic and an outline of the course project.

This course requires the completion of a comprehensive Strategic Plan.

You have a choice to use either an existing company or a fictitious company. In either case, the Project is to complete a written plan that will suggest a practical Strategic Direction for the company.

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The Plan will have 7 sections. The 6 sections will reflect each of the 6 COs plus a bibliography. Each section will be 2 – 3 pages in standard business proposal format.

The sections are:

  1. Strategy (CO F)
  2. Core Competencies (CO C)
  3. Industry Dynamics (CO A)
  4. Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation (CO D)
  5. Product Development Strategy (CO E)
  6. Strategy to protect innovations (CO B)
  7. A bibliography listing your references for the project
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This paper explains the strategic plan for McDonald’s operations’ automation to go a step further from the current innovations. The strategic plan is divided into six sections giving a comprehensive analysis of each. The first section explains the company’s strategic goals and the company’s current innovations against its competitors. The second section highlights the organization’s core competencies that are important in the implementation of the strategy. The third section explains the industry dynamics reflecting on the impact of technology on the food industry and fast-food restaurants. The fourth section explains technology sourcing and internal innovations as the key approaches to acquiring digital assets. The fifth section explains the product development process highlighting food product innovations, delivery services, and self-ordering as the key efforts create value for the customers. Finally, the last section explains how the company is protecting its innovations, emphasizing the acquisition of assets and acquiring patents and trade secrets to block competitors.(4417words)

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