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the Information Technology

Please prepare main discussion

This week we focus on the knowledge management cycle noted in Figure 5.3 in the Information Technology and Organizational Learning textbook(Attached). Note the various aspects of knowledge management, continuous innovation, and competitive advantage and how they integrate with one another.

Your response should be 250-300 words. Respond to two postings provided by your classmates.

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            Knowledge management is a growing concern for many organizations that need to conduct continuous improvement. Continuous innovation gives the company a competitive edge over other companies in the same industry. The knowledge management cycle is a continuous process of turning information into knowledge within an organization that explains the capturing of knowledge processing and distribution within an entity. The main aspects of knowledge management are people, processes, content, and IT strategy. Regardless of the organizational scope or size, there is a need to know the organization’s knowledge gaps. Besides, in identifying these gaps, one needs organizational congruence amongst all stakeholders and knowledge sharing.

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